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In the October/November 2015 issue and reader survey from Jet Traveler magazine, a highly knowledgeable segment of travelers and industry professionals voted in preference of the Bell helicopters that Paradise flies, over the less reliable Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopters) that our competitors operate. Counter to what some one-time fliers and agents have been led to believe – this significant third party study affirms that we clearly fly the aircraft of choice among industry professionals.

Our helicopters (in green) rated EXCELLENT in the reliability category and were the preferred aircraft:

Bell: 52.4%
Airbus Helicopters: 31.8%

Our helicopters also led in both light engine categories when pilots were asked, “If you could receive a complimentary year of flying, which aircraft would you choose?”:

Light single-turbine helicopters:
Bell 407: 37.7%
Airbus AS350: 12.4%
Bell 206: 11.4%
Airbus EC130: 8.8%
MD 500 Series: 7.2%
Airbus EC120: 1.9%

Light twin-turbine helicopters:
Bell 427 or 429: 36.2%
Airbus EC135: 12.0%
Airbus Twin Star: 7.9%


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