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Hawaii Helicopter Nature Tours

Hawaii Nature Tours

Hawaii has the most significant area of tropical rainforest in the United States – much accessible only by helicopter. See what you could never see on foot! A naturally moist climate combined with rich volcanic soil has encouraged some of the most dramatic plant growth in the world.

Unique Birdwatching Opportunities

Hawaii’s millions of years of isolation has caused the growth of many species found nowhere else in the world, including the endangered Nene and Palila. Our helicopter tours and charters allow you direct access to more remote, secluded locations than a traditional airplane or hiking tour, increasing the chances of seeing the exotic and unusual fauna of Hawaii.

A Different View of Nature

Only a helicopter tour can give you a sense of the scale of some of Hawaii’s more remarkable natural wonders. Volcanic craters hundreds of feet across, lava flows which established new territories in hours, and delicate waterfalls hundreds of feet high are brought into perspective from your window.



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