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Luka’s Lava

A magnificently clear day allowed us to access the Pu’u ‘O’o vent this morning, capturing images of a very active lava lake. Skylights just east of the vent were accessible, but we were unable to see inside. This conduit feeds not only the ongoing 61G flow, but also the two still active additional flows on top of the tube system and just to the northeast of 61G, which is now 1.5 miles from the vent… Pele still breaks out there, but both of these flows are sluggish to say the least, and may well be dying. The main flow continues unabated, dumping between ONE AND TWO MILLION GALLONS of hot rock into the pacific ocean EVERY HOUR!!! The ocean entry is at Kamokuna just inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Pele’s liquid rock flows through the tube system from the vent some six miles to the new lava delta, which continues to make the Big Island bigger, but several recent collapses have lopped off sizable portions of the bench and sea cliff at the entry area. A long-lived firehose lava stream continues there, sometimes visible and sometimes not… today we documented littoral explosions, but saw no lava. The ocean entry remains a magnificent sight for visitors who can gain access from either the Kalpana of HVNP side by walking out the temporary access road, which goes directly to the ocean entry! The walk is lengthy, however, and precautions should be observed. Hats off today to Paradise Helico[pter’s pilot, Luka Dayton-Smith. Luka is a master flying us around the lava flow… mahalo, brah! Bruce Omori, special guest Kenneth Wendell Jackson, Leilani and Surfer Ducky will never forget our outstanding lava overflight!

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