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Pu’u ‘O’o’s lava lake spattering, a very large ropey flow about a mile from the vent, and a skylight nearby, coastal flats outbreaks, and a small delta collapse at the ocean entry! A small piece of the Kamokuna delta collapsed into the sea this week… the eastern end is now somewhat smaller… a portion of the bench and black sand beach now gone. Activity has also shifted to the west side of the delta. Another terrific lava charter with Paradise Helicopters’ pilot Paul Davis… Leilani, Bowler Ducky, Special Guest Greg Garrison, Bruce Omori and I had a ball above the flow! We continue working on our new “VolcanoScapes” series entitled “Hot Seat Hawaii!” Stay tuned for exciting well-known guests, engaging visits with interesting Big Island personalities… and of course, as always, the best Kilauea Volcano aerial lava video anywhere! Coming soon! You never know who might show up in “the hot seat” next! @HotSeatHawaii


Catch the Lava action with tours departing from Hilo & Kona on the Big Island:

If you want to feel the awesome heat of the volcano and take some incredible photos – don’t forget to add our “doors off” option to your tour for an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience.



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