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Hilo: Lava Adventure & Waterfall Swim


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Hilo: Lava Adventure & Waterfall Swim


Departs:  Hilo Airport, Hilo  Duration: 3 hrs 10 min*



Narrated, Beach, Waterfall, Volcano, Rainforest


The Lava Adventure & Waterfall Swim air adventure showcases the how the story of Hawai‘i is inextricably linked to the elements. You will fly over Kīlauea, the most active volcano on earth, and search out glowing red lava, evidence that this fiery hot spot is constantly cycling through both creation and destruction. However, the windward side also catches enough rain to make Hilo the wettest city in the United States.

All this water fills tunnels that once flowed with lava, creating incredible rivers, pools and waterfalls all over East Hawai‘i. Hilo’s lush rain forests, Mauna Loa’s vistas and the plunging Wai‘ānuenue (Rainbow Falls), so named for the rainbows you can see in the mist when the early morning sunshine hits the water. Choose the Hilo air adventure to see volcanic activity and waterfalls inaccessible by any other means!

After your air adventure over the volcano and lush surroundings, touchdown in a tropical fruit farm and disembark to join our exclusive partner, Hawaii Forest & Trail, on a guided ground exploration with private access to three of Hilo’s most beautiful waterfalls!  A special treat awaits you at the third stop where you will enjoy a locally made lunch and swim or kayak under a 120 foot private waterfall.


  • Current activity at Kilauea Volcano
  • Tropical rainforests of Puna
  • Waterfalls of North Hilo
  • Exclusive access to a 1,000 acre tropical fruit farm to see cacao, lychee, macadamia nuts, coffee, & other exotic crops
  • Sample seasonal fruit and fresh macadamia nuts at a private gazebo overlooking world-famous Rainbow Falls
  • Enjoy a locally made lunch while taking in stunning views
  • Swim, Kayak, or Paddle under a 120 foot private waterfall

Advisory / June 2018

Although eruption activity is very high at this time, we are unable to guarantee that you will see "red" lava on your flight. 

While we are flying all of our regular tours and charters, please understand that what you will see on our flights is highly dependent upon 1) the eruption, 2) the weather, and 3) the temporary flight restrictions in place. All of these vary from day to day and even hour to hour.

Please be assured that our pilots will do their best to navigate all conditions to deliver to you the safest and best viewing experience possible.

Check status of the eruption:
Lava Update  |  Tourism Authority  |  County Alerts  |  GIS


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Route Map

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Tour Notes

For answers to common questions please read our faq.
* Total flight time typically varies from 40 – 50 minutes. Plus a 2.5 hour ground tour.

Activity Level

Easy: Suitable for adults, children and seniors.


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* Hilo tours are sold out through Aug 24th!


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