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Paradise Helicopters specializes
unique, fun, & sustainable
Hawaii helicopter tours.

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$324 per person

Hilo: Doors-off Lava & Rainforests Adventure

$274 per person

Hilo: Lava & Rainforests Adventure

$599 per person

Kona: Circle Island Experience

$559 per person

Kona: Experience Hawai’i

$779 per person

Kona: Volcano by Air & Land

$659 per person

Kona: Volcano Kohala Landing

$269 per person

Turtle Bay: Valleys & Waterfall Explorer

$349 per person

Turtle Bay: Magnum Experience

$504 per person

Hilo: Volcano by Air & Land

$459 per person

Kapolei: Oahu Sunset Experience

$748 per person

Kona: Volcano Eco Landing

$2495 per aircraft

Lanai: Molokai Sea Cliffs

$1345 per aircraft

Lanai: Circle Island Experience

$719 per person

Kapolei: Kualoa Expedition

$419 per person

Kapolei: Oahu Circle Island Experience

$3625 per aircraft

Lanai: Maui Nui

$189 per person

Kapolei: Diamond Head Scenic

$874 per person

Kona: Air Zip & Dip Adventure

$497 per person

Hilo: Lava Adventure & Waterfall Swim

$791 per person

Kona: Waterfall Heli-Trek

$764 per person

Kona: Family Helicopter Ride & Zipline

$599 per person

Kona: Big Island Expedition

$639 per person

Kona: Sunset Experience

$289 per person

Turtle Bay: North Shore Sunset Spectacular

$189 per person

Turtle Bay: North Shore Adventure

Fantastic experience! Matt did a great job with our flight. He was very knowledge in explaining the sites, different kinds of lava, and answering all of our questions. He always made sure that everyone was able to view the sites no matter where they were sitting. We were very happy that we were able to go on our tour since there had been some bad weather on previous days. We had to wait on our fellow passengers since they didn't seem to understand what time they needed to be there and slept in/went to breakfast. After a period of time Paradise actually let us go on our own for our tour which was nice. I only wish I could get that hour plus of sleep back. A big thanks for the great tour. It was great getting a bird's eye view of the island.


Our rare volcano footage in National Geographic!


Hawaii Ecotourism Association (HEA) certified


Hawaii’s 1st & only carbon neutral seating for helicopters

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