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Hawai'i Utility Helicopter Flights

We specialize in helicopter utility flights and provide commercial services to all islands in Hawai'i.

Three people getting ready for a utility mission


Paradise Helicopters is a locally and veteran owned business that has provided utility services for over two decades.

We are a full service provider. Our support includes:

  • Fully certified helicopter
  • Qualified pilot
  • Insurance
  • Rigging
  • Permits
  • Ground crew
  • Radio communications
  • Support fuel truck

Paradise Helicopters is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct Air Carrier Operations (FAR 135), Rotorcraft External Load Operations (FAR 133), and Commercial Agricultural Operations (FAR 137). In addition, the company has Office of Aviation Services (OAS) certified aircraft and pilots to support State and Federal Agencies.

Read a short blog article about our commercial services team spraying a local macadamia nut farm.

Helicopter flying with an orange background
  • Film and sensor payloads
  • Aerial Filmwork
    • Nose Mounted Cameras
  • Specialty Sensors
    • Work with our team to develop and build out specialty sensor carriage systems
    • Radio antenna Array
    • Classified Systems
  • Jettisonable Sensors
    • Ground Penetrating Radar Arrays
    • Magnetometer
Helicopter spraying an agricultural mixture


  • Aerial application for rangeland and forestry utilizing pinpoint and boom systems
  • Aerial delivery of cargo, supplies, and materials to remote areas
    • Aerial Fertilizing
    • Aerial Application
    • Aerial Agricultural
  • Ungulates / Livestock
    • Survey
    • Containment
    • Evacuation
    • Extermination
Helicopter flying carrying lumber

Heli-logging & Timber Harvest

  • Removal of timber from challenging or sensitive areas via sling load
  • Max lift up to 2,000 pounds per load, depending on altitude and weather conditions
  • Easy in & easy out – save time & money compared to conventional crane equipment.
  • Timber Harvest Operations
    • Timber Extraction
    • Logging Sling Loads
    • Worker Insertion or Extraction
Utility Rescue mission

Safety / First Responder

  • Natural disaster evacuation
  • Rappelling and short-haul of personnel when required
  • Aerial Survey
  • Deployment of personnel to remote unimproved sites
helicopter flying through a city for a construction job


  • Aerial crane lift work
  • Precision load-lifting for construction projects
  • Debris removal from remote construction sites
  • Cement pouring in remote locations with aerial crane
Helicopter landed on a field

Property Management

  • Aerial surveys for
    • archeology
    • forestry
    • wildlife
    • real estate estimates
  • Brush and tree removal on archaeologically sensitive property with aerial crane

Our Commercial Services Aircraft 

Hughes MD 500 helicopter

Hughes MD 500E

  • Four passenger seats with individual two-way communication
  • Capable of lifting up to 1,000 pounds externally at sea level
  • GPS navigation
  • Easily modified for doors off flight
  • Small aircraft footprint allowing flights into and out of small confined areas
  • Tyler Mount (middle) capable
  • Isolair spray system with 130-gallon tanks and booms
  • Isolair dry spreader bucket
Bell 407 Helicopter

Bell 407 Helicopter

  • Six passenger seats with individual two-way communication
  • The only standard category helicopter that can lift 2,000+ pounds externally
  • GPS navigation
  • Easily modified for doors off flight
  • Executive seating allows better passenger interaction as well as enhanced viewing for surveys
  • Stable and smooth platform for photography
  • Tyler Mount (nose or middle), Cineflex, and Shotover capable and experienced
  • Powerful aircraft capable of flying with six passengers and enough fuel for three hours of flight time
Pilot in helicopter

Everyday Safety

Paradise Helicopters is recognized as a premier global leader in aviation safety. Read about our safety accreditations and strong safety culture which is regularly audited by outside sources here.

Read our Safety Statement

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