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Experience the natural beauty and diversity of Hawai'i’s Island, also known as the Big Island, from above.

A Kona helicopter tour is one of the best ways to view the diverse landscapes of Hawai'i. Our aerial adventures take you over some of the oldest and largest active volcanoes in the world, many of which are inaccessible through any other means of travel. Our helicopter tours from Kona are unique in that you also get the opportunity to land and walk through some of the undisturbed and natural beauty of the deepest rain forests in Hawai'i.

The landscapes are virtually untouched by anything other than tens of thousands of years of exposure to the elements, leaving little more than deep valleys, cascading waterfalls, and lush green growth. Ideal for those looking to see and photograph all of Hawai'i Island by land as well as by air, our Kona helicopter tours let you experience it all - including South Point. Interaction with our trained and educated pilots is maximized so that your entire experience is unforgettable, in-depth and educational.

Why choose a Hawai'i Helicopter Tour from Kona?

Kona is the sports enthusiast’s paradise. Known for its spectacular fishing, snorkeling, and water sports in the nearby Kealakekua Bay, this coastal region often finds itself visited by those looking to explore nature. The Kona Coast is home to some of Hawaiʻi’s most famous beaches with sunsets that make any evening dreamy and romantic.

It’s fitting that some of our more adventurous Hawai'i helicopter tours depart from the Kona region. Capturing all that you want your vacation to be and more, Kona is best viewed by sea, by land, and by air.

Kona Airport Adventure Packages

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two people sitting in front of a small waterfall kissing

Hawai'i Island Romance

Soar through secluded valleys to a private waterfall. Nestled on the Kohala Nestled below bubbling falls and next to Kohala’s rugged coast, it’s the perfect setting to pop the question or simply steal time away.

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