Industry Safety Leaders - Paradise Helicopters


Paradise Helicopters is a global leader in aviation safety.

The safety culture at Paradise starts with the CEO and is managed by our full-time Director of Safety and Standardization. Our leading safety program shapes the actions of every department and every employee.

bell 407 helicopter in flight

Our Sponsors

  • HAI Accredited Operator
  • IS-BAO
  • Gold Star

Our Certifications

  • Helicopter Association International
    • Accreditation Program of Safety for Air Tour Operations
    • Accreditation Program of Safety for Corporate and VIP Transportation
    • Accreditation Program of Safety for External Load
  • International Business Aviation Council
    • IS-BAO™ Stage Three registration
  • Gold Star Business

COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

Your safety is our top priority. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented additional health and safety protocols to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Our team regularly monitors updates from government and health officials.

Best-in-Class Safety

Paradise has earned numerous leading aviation certifications from globally recognized organizations such as the Helicopter Association International and the International Business Aviation Council.

In 2016, Paradise became the first air-tour company in the world to be certified by Helicopter Association International’s Accreditation Program of Safety for Air Tour Operations and Corporate and VIP Transportation. In addition, Paradise was the first company in Hawai‘i to complete IS-BAO™ Stage Three registration, which includes stringent safety requirements implemented by the International Business Aviation Council.

Paradise was selected to present at the 2016 CHC Helicopter Safety and Quality Summit in British Columbia on its highly effective Safety Management System, which proactively identifies and manages risks.

Twin-Engine Helicopters

Paradise Helicopters is the only operators in the state of Hawai’i that offers twin-engine aircraft for commercial charter use. Both the twin-engine Bell 429 and the twin-engine Bell 430 offer enhanced safety features, which include a three-axis autopilot system, instrument certified airframe, and a second engine that mitigates overwater risk.

The World's Most Trusted Pilots

With tens of thousands of combined flight hours, rigorous training, active and former military pilots, professional VIP corporate pilots, and several former Marine One presidential pilots, no one is better qualified to keep you safe in the air.

Paradise conducts ongoing pilot training, and all pilots must pass a Federal Aviation Administration flight check. Paradise also brings in outside professional instructors to evaluate and train pilots. In addition, our pilots intimately know Hawai'i – its geology, culture, and history – so they can provide you with more than just amazing views.