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Access the most stunning portion of Hawai'i Island, the Kohala waterfalls, by air. 

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Waimea-Kohala Airport is the closest departure point to the Kohala valleys & waterfalls, the most captivating gems of the island

The town of Waimea is located in ranch country amid green, grassy hills of rich pastureland dotted with patches of old growth endemic flowering trees such as ʻōhiʻa and māmane. There is a unique paniolo (cowboy) subculture here. Waimea exhibits a peculiar way of dressing and living that started with Mexican vaqueros in the 1830's, and over time, melded with the local Hawaiian culture. The elevation and lofty hills are kept green by driving rains that nourish local agriculture and bring cool nights. You can find a vast array of the picture-perfect produce grown in this region at any of Waimea's many farmer's markets old-growth.

The true treasure of the area is the rugged valleys and waterfalls of the Kohala region. Those who enjoy challenging on-the-ground missions can explore a few of the "Valleys of the Kings" on foot. If you prefer comfort and ease, you may access the island's most spectacular sights from Waimea on a quick helicopter tour. In fact, viewing these vast and humbling formations from the ground offers a limited vantage point and much of their grandeur goes unappreciated. With a helicopter, your pilot can show you many waterfalls by hovering at their base and ascending their heights. Your aircraft can soar in and out of the lush, misty valleys, exploring their nooks and crannies as you follow them from the Kohala Mountains to the Pacific Ocean

Why choose a Hawai'i Helicopter Tour from Waimea, Island of Hawai'i?

The Kohala valleys & waterfalls sights are viewable from several of our tours flying out of Kona, however, if you depart from Waimea you are that much closer to the action - great for those who want to opt for a shorter overall flight time.

If you are staying in the popular resort area of Waikoloa on the Island of Hawai'i, Waimea is just 30 min away and makes for a wonderful day trip to somewhere completely different than Waikoloa. Waimea is roughly equidistant between Kona (about 1 hour) and Hilo (about 1 hour 15 minutes) making it an ideal stop between the two cities on a road trip.

Waimea-Kohala Airport Airport Tours

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Helicopter flying next to a waterfall

Doors-Off Kohala Valleys & Waterfalls Tour

Soar doors-off through the incomparably lush beauty of Kohala as you learn about the geography and history of this culturally important region.

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Helicopter flying next to waterfalls

Doors-Off Kohala Waterfalls & Hike Tour

Touch down midflight in the fabled Kohala region for a unique remote hike experience, exclusive to Paradise Helicopters.