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References & Sales Tools for Agents

Tour Description Booklet

This document is a multi-page, digital book that has a full page description for each of the tours we offer including a route map. As our offerings grow or change, we will continue to update this book. Please note that your agency may not offer all tours in our catalog.  

Tour Quick Reference Cheatsheets

This multi-page, printable PDF document has a summary of our tours broken down by island, base, and flight route. It has no pricing in it

Health & Safety Protocol for COVID

This multi-page, printable PDF document outlines our enhanced health & safety protocol in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Paradise Helicopters is a global leader in aviation safety, and our approach to safety is led by our Accountable Executive and Director of Safety, who regularly monitor updates from government and health officials.

HAI COVID Clean Logo

You can also access our Enhanced Health & Safety Protocol on our website.

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