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Charter Getaway To A Private Waterfall Oasis

Charter Getaway to a Private Waterfall Oasis

Two (2) former Olympians, Nastia Liukin and Ash Wagner, who are now influencers and entrepreneurs. Alongside Erin Sackman and Sarah Fennel, a chef and food photographer came to Hawai’i to unplug and enjoy the private getaway that the Big Island of Hawai’i provides.  Included in their trip of exploring the Island of Hawai’i, we had the opportunity to create a custom charter to cater to their travel. 

Paradise Helicopters Charters team created a unique charter to focus on the health & wellness benefits of our private exclusive healing waterfall landing offered. The tour takes flight to the Kohala Valleys to hover amidst the breathtaking 2500’ waterfalls and sheer cliff faces. 

Paradise Helicopters Charters Girls Hawaii

Our guests touched down near their own private oceanfront 800-foot waterfall, unreachable by any other means other than a helicopter. Additionally, we were able to showcase our iconic picnic spot at our exclusive landing spot followed by a brief 10-minute hike over rocky terrain to the flowing water’s base. This experience allowed the group of women to enjoy untouched purity of this serene location that most people can never see. 

Paradise Helicopters Charters Girls Hawaii

Photography by: Cibelle Levi

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