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Cultural Collection

Experience Hawaiian Cultures & Traditions

Learn about Hawai’i Island’s rich culture, fascinating past, and participate in authentic ceremonial traditions that have survived the ages. Visit special and inaccessible sacred places, wahi pana.

Kohala ʻĀina Haʻaheo

This ancient proverb translates as, “Kohala land of the proud.” It refers to the people of the Kohala region of the Island of Hawai’i, who have always taken great pride in the beauty of their land.

Honor Ancestral Stories

This huakaʻi, or excursion, has been carefully designed by a Hawaiian Kumu, a respected cultural practitioner whose traditional role in the community was to record and pass on the history, traditions, cultures and stories of the Hawaiian people through oral tradition. This charter combines aerial sightseeing and on-the-ground experiences which embrace the rich cultural heritage of the Kohala and Kona coasts of Hawai’i Island. Honor the ancestral stories of Hawai’i by learning about and participating in the host culture’s spiritual, historical, and oral traditions.


Hoʻokupu Ceremony

  • Participate in a hoʻokupu, or gift-giving ceremony, which includes an oli, or Hawaiian chant.  
  • Listen to a Hawaiian cultural practitioner or Kumu as he shares oral traditions, stories and events that took place in ancient and modern times.
  • Enjoy a gourmet, catered lunch at an exclusive oceanfront waterfall landing site – so remote that it is only accessible via helicopter.

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Includes approximately 1.5 hours of sightseeing charter flight with two 1-hour landings: one at a lookout in the Kohala mountains and another at an oceanfront waterfall for a gourmet catered lunch featuring local ingredients.

Starting at pricing:

Twin Engine Bell 430 – $10,413

Bell 407 – $8,030

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