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Malama Collection

E Malama ‘oe I ka ‘Āina, e Malama ka ‘Āina ia ‘oe

Take care of the land and the land will take care of you

O'ahu Nahele - Tree Planting with Hawai'i Legacy Hardwoods

Native tree plantings are a simple but powerful way to combat climate change and create a legacy that will give back to the earth and the community for decades to come. In this experience, you not only send a ripple of positive change, but you participate directly in a special cultural experience benefiting the local nahele or forest.

During your tree planting and eco-tour, our guides will talk about the history of the Hawaiian land and how your tree will contribute to healing the local ecosystem. Personally plant the tree in a memorable ceremony and leave knowing you’ve made a measurable difference in the effort to create a sustainable future. Ask our charter specialists about adding an offroading forest adventure or horseback riding to this experience.


  • Aerial sightseeing tour of O’ahu 
  • Education about Hawai’i culture and ecosystem
  • Tree planting ceremony
  • Cabin cooler with light refreshments

Inquire for pricing and availability. We offer multiple departure points across O’ahu.

Kohala Ho'iho'i - Native Tree Planting

Ho’iho’i is a Hawaiian word meaning return, and in this experience, you will help nurture the native flora on the Island of Hawaii. Soar over lush rainforest, deep misty valleys and towering waterfalls to touch down at one of our remote and secluded landing sites. Plant a native tree and learn about our unique ecosystem as you gaze at the beautiful views. Ask our charter specialists about adding a hike, or including a cultural practitioner on the experience to perform a Hawaiian blessing of the tree planting.


  • Private landing
  • Aerial tour Kohala valleys and waterfalls on Hawai’i Island
  • Native tree planting
  • Learn a little about Hawaiian culture and ecosystem
  • Cabin cooler with light refreshments

Inquire for pricing and availability. Flight can depart from multiple locations on Hawai’i Island.

We Carbon Offset Every Charter Flight

Did you know that Paradise Helicopters participates in a carbon offsetting program that plants native trees to offset the emissions from each charter flight we fly? We also offer our tour guests the option to carbon offset their flight with the planting of native trees.

Paradise Helicopters Sustainable

Get involved. Be informed. Make a difference.

Get involved. Be informed. Make a difference.

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