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Get unparalleled access to Hawaii’s most spectacular destinations!  Let us craft your unforgettable experience — talk to our charter specialists at 808.896.3336. or create your adventure below.

Exclusive landings

Journey to remote and secluded locations throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Twin-Engine Bell 430

We offer Hawaii’s only available twin-engine helicopters for charter.

Curated Experiences

Rediscover the islands from a new perspective, immerse yourself in the untouched destinations of Hawaii.

Create your adventure today

With hundreds of waterfalls, breathtaking valleys, active volcanoes, spectacular coastlines, and amazing green, black, and white sand beaches, Paradise Helicopters lets you experience Hawaii as you’ve never seen it before. Descend into a coffee estate or ranch for a private tour of the grounds, paddleboard across a freshwater oasis, zipline and hike through remote rainforests, or indulge in an exclusive landing with a gourmet picnic overlooking lush, tropical valleys and waterfalls.


Through our  Carbon Offset  program, the emissions for every charter we fly are offset by the planting of trees endemic to Hawai’i. 


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