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Will I see lava from my helicopter?

Volcanoes and lava are natural phenomena and they are often changing. If there is any activity, your pilot will do their very best to fly wherever it may be.

After over 35 years of actively flowing lava visible on the surface, discover what Kīlauea Volcano has left in the wake of its recent historic eruptive episode on the Big Island. Witness otherworldly landscapes like the incredible 8-mile river of frozen lava from Fissure 8 to the Pacific Ocean, the newest black sand beaches on earth, and enormous craters formed by these recent events!

Nobody can get you closer to Kīlauea Volcano, the world’s most active volcano, than Paradise. Often, the only way to see lava activity is from a helicopter. Because these are an unpredictable natural phenomenon, we recommend you call ahead to confirm the activity of specific lava flows.

Check these links for more info on volcanic activity on the Big Island:

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