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What should we wear for our helicopter flight?

All Flights:

We recommend removing earrings as they can interfere with the seal of your headset causing discomfort and decreased functionality of the earpieces. The tightly fitting headsets may also bend or damage certain styles of earrings. Please wear dark-colored clothing. Lighter clothing will cause a reflection in any windows and show up in your photos as well as the photos of other guests.

Doors-off Flights:

Any loose items in the cabin must be left at our base, stowed or removed for all doors-off flights – this includes extra camera lenses, selfie sticks, water bottles, purses, etc. No hats, scarfs, or loose items are allowed in the aircraft cabin. Please wear closed-toe shoes. Flip-flops and shoes with open backs are not allowed. Sunglasses are OK to wear as our headset will hold them securely to your head. We recommend a light jacket as the cabin can get very windy and chilly. If you have long hair we recommend tying it back. Cell phones and cameras which will be used to take photos during the flight require a wrist or neck strap – please bring your own or you may purchase a lightweight one at our base upon check-in, depending on availability.

Flights With Landings:

Please wear closed-toe shoes and long pants to protect against uneven terrain and brush. Many of our landings are in full sun, so you may want to apply sunblock prior to your flight or wear protective clothing.

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