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The health and safety of our guests, staff, and community is our top priority.

Paradise Helicopters is a global leader in aviation safety, and we have implemented enhanced guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our approach to safety is led by our Director of Safety and Standardization,who, along with his team, continue to monitor updates from government and health officials.

Cal Dorn owner Paradise Helicopters
Paradise Helicopters Sanitize

Social Distancing

Flights are temporarily limited to inter-island transportation and for purposes related to allowed business and citizen activity. Once we are able to resume sightseeing flights, charters and private tours will be offered. A private tour is when one party flies on a helicopter at a time – defined as those dwelling in the same household. Guests and staff are asked to maintain a six-foot distance from one another and sneeze/cough into an elbow. Please refrain from shaking hands and engaging in unnecessary physical contact with those outside your party while on our premises. If you are experiencing any symptoms such as cough, fever, abnormal fatigue, or not feeling well please refrain from entering our facilities.

Modified Cabin Space

On our MD 500 aircraft, we are only seating guests in the rear seats and are operating with doors off for optimal air flow. On our Bell 407 helicopters and twin engine Bell 430 helicopter, we have the ability to divide the front pilot area with the back guest area of our aircraft; copilot seat to remain empty. Additionally, our Bell helicopters have separate air conditioning systems for separation of airflow between the cockpit and main passenger cabin.

Guests fly doors off for optimal air flow.

Bell 407 Seating Diagram Separated Cabin

Pilot and guests have separate air conditioning systems and cabin can be divided.

Bell 430 Seating Diagram Separated Cabin

Pilot and guests have separate air conditioning systems and cabin can be divided.

Modified Check-in

We have shortened our check-in time to 30 minutes prior to your flight. We will accept payment via credit card only.

Face Masks

Guests aged five (5) years and older are required to wear a protective face mask (covering the nose and mouth) before, during and after the flight. Please let us know if you have a medical condition preventing you from wearing a mask. Employees are required to wear face masks when near customers or other employees. For safety, pilots may remove face masks while flying.

Monitoring Symptoms

Any guests or staff who are not feeling well are required to stay home. If you are exhibiting symptoms upon check-in, you will be asked to postpone your flight. Staff may ask to check your temperature to ensure you are not exhibiting symptoms. In addition, all pilots receive routine screening for COVID-19.

Cleaning & Sanitization

Hand sanitizer is provided to all staff and guests. Employees are required to wash their hands regularly. Sanitization via spray, wipe or fogger are used in all aircraft prior to boarding. Seatbelts and headsets are sanitized between flights. For doors-on flights, two-way communication via aviation headsets will be possible and disposable sanitation mic covers will be optional. For doors-off flights, mic will be secured away from face and only be available for guest use in the case of an emergency.

We look forward to flying with you soon!

Paradise Helicopters Sanitize
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