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Experience Lanai in style with a private helicopter tour.

 Entire helicopters available for parties of up to six. Departing from Lanai Airport, Lanai.

Explore Lanai, Hawaii’s
most enticing island.

Lanai helicopter tours are one of the easiest and most fun ways to see the landscape of Lanai. Offered by Paradise Helicopters, our Lanai Helicopter Tours take you over the some of the most unique sites in the entire world, many of which are inaccessible through any other means of travel. Stunning Beaches and World’s Tallest Sea Cliffs (almost 4000’ above the Pacific!) are not to be missed! Interaction with our pilots is maximized so that your entire experience is unforgettable in-depth and educational.

Pilot Dan at Healing Waterfall landing Big Island Paradise Helicopters

Book direct from Hawaii’s largest locally-owned helicopter operator. We are family-owned and proud to be led by a Veteran.

Paradise Helicopters has the best private helicopter tours that guarantee your family or party will have the entire helicopter to yourselves. Height and weight restrictions apply for safety.  This unique and exciting Hawaii activity is one of the best things to do on Lanai. As a special family or group experience to be remembered forever, a private helicopter tour of Lanai is a trip highlight that isn’t to be missed!

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