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Paradise Helicopters’ Internationally Recognized Safety Program

Jan 01, 1970

“Throughout our more than two decades in operation, Paradise has been committed to ensuring the highest safety and operational standards in the world.”

—  Calvin Dorn , CEO Paradise Helicopters 

Paradise Helicopters is a global leader in aviation safety. The safety culture at Paradise starts with the CEO and is managed by our full-time Safety Officer. Our safety programs have been established company-wide, shaping the actions of every department and every employee.

Highlights of our safety program include:

Our commitment to safety is a founding principle at Paradise, and led us to be the very first company in the world to earn accreditation by the Helicopter Association International Accreditation Program of Safety (HAI-APS) for Air Tour Operations.  We took it a step further recently by becoming accredited by HAI for VIP/Corporate transport in 2018.

Safety is more than a full-time job at Paradise. Our Director of Safety and Standardization not only helps lead the company, but he works with governmental and regulatory committees to maintain high standards of safety throughout our industry. He has been trained by the Department of Transportation Safety Management Systems and is active with the internationally recognized HAI Safety Committee as well as HAI Air Tour Working Committee. Our Director of Safety is also Vice President of the Kona General Aviation Committee.

Safety guides everything we do, and has shaped our policies, procedures, systems and tools. After take-off, our integrated aircraft tracking system provides real-time flight tracking. This means our on-the-ground operations team is not only in constant contact with the pilot, but we are able to monitor the precise location of each aircraft from lift-off to landing. The system actively tracks heading, airspeed, and altitude, and each is supported by satellite and cellular data.

Stage Three certification from IS-BAO™ (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations). This is the highest level of certification they offer and it is a multi-year process to attain certification. IS-BAO has the strictest requirements in the aviation industry and recognizes the use of high-quality safety operating practices for business aircraft.

Paradise Helicopters is one of the only operators in the state of Hawai’i that offers a twin engine helicopter for commercial charter use.  The Bell 430 offers enhanced safety features which include a three axis autopilot system, instrument certified airframe and a second engine which mitigates overwater risk.  Guests can feel reassured that during their flight on the Bell 430 both engines will be operating at the same time, giving the pilot more options in the event an engine becomes degraded.


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