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Hilo: Doors Off Coastal Wonders and Lava Field Landing

Witness the aftermath of the 2018 eruption with an exclusive lava field landing.

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Activity Level 

Easy: Suitable for adults, children, and seniors.
The "Coastal Wonders & Lava Field Experience" helicopter tour seamlessly blends the beauty of pristine coastlines with the rugged allure of volcanic landscapes.


As you ascend, enjoy panoramic views of beaches, cliffs, and marine life. Explore the aftermath of the 2018 volcanic eruption, guided by our knowledgeable pilot's commentary on the region's dynamic geological history. This immersive adventure captures the essence of both coastal tranquility and the ever-changing volcanic landscape, offering a unique and awe-inspiring perspective.

As you continue your journey, witness the creation of a newly formed black sand beach, Pohoiki, a testament to the transformative power of lava from the 2018 Kīlauea eruption. From the coastal beauty to the harmonious power of volcanic landscapes, this peaceful sojourn offers a unique and serenely unforgettable encounter with nature's diverse wonders. This tour includes a landing at the Kapoho crater, which offers expansive views over the lava field out to the ocean. The helicopter will land for 30 minutes as part of this tour.

Flight Details 

Tour departs from

Hilo Airport
Flight Time30 minutes*
Ground Tour30 minutes*

*Flight times are approximate, do not include check-in time, and total times may vary depending on weather conditions and where the best sights are at the time of your tour.


Hilo Airport


  • Narrated
  • Beaches
  • Black Sand Beaches
  • Rainforest


  • Puna and Hilo Coastline
  • Black Sand Beach
  • 2018 Lava Flow Aftermath

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Check-in at our Hilo Airport 

Check-in at our Hilo location

Check-in 45 minutes prior to departure time at our counter in Lobby 2 at the Hilo Airport Self-pay parking is available For answers to common questions please read our FAQ

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