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Hilo: Waterfall & Coastal Discovery

Soar along deep gulches, lush jungle, and towering waterfalls.

Hilo Wailuku River Waterfalls

Starting at $250 per person

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Activity Level 

Easy: Suitable for adults, children, and seniors.
Ditch the crowds and experience Hilo's famous waterfalls and coastline from above.


Embark on a captivating tour that unveils Hilo's stunning waterfalls and breathtaking coastline! Witness the iconic Rainbow Falls adorned with morning rainbows, discover the tranquil Peʻepe'e Falls concealed in lush greenery, and be captivated by the majestic ʻAkaka Falls.

As you journey along the captivating coastline, where rugged cliffs embrace the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Ocean, immerse yourself in the seamless blend of cascading treasures and coastal marvels. This extraordinary adventure promises an unforgettable odyssey through nature's captivating wonders, leaving you enchanted by the magic of Hilo.

Flight Details 

Tour departs from

Hilo Airport
Flight Time30 minutes *

*Flight times are approximate, do not include check-in time, and total times may vary depending on weather conditions and where the best sights are at the time of your tour.


Hilo Airport


  • Narrated
  • Beaches
  • Waterfalls
  • Rainforest


  • Expansive gulches and valleys
  • Tropical rainforest of North Hilo
  • 'Akaka, Pe'epe'e, and Rainbow Falls


co-pilot seat

Co-Pilot Seat

Request a seat up front with the pilot.

Endemic trees

Carbon Offset

Green your seat by helping to plant endemic trees in Hawai'i

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Check-in at our Hilo Airport 

Check-in at our Hilo location

Check-in 45 minutes prior to departure time at our counter in Lobby 2 at the Hilo Airport Self-pay parking is available For answers to common questions please read our FAQ

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