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Kona: Volcano Kohala Landing

See all the spectacular highlights of the Big Island then land deep in Kohala for total immersion into this historic region.

Beach view of cliffs and waterfalls on Kona
Lava pools from a volcano
Helicopter hovering over trees
Lava river from volcano
Lava river from a volcano
Beach view of cliffs and waterfalls on Kona
Lava pools from a volcano

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Activity Level 

Easy: Suitable for adults, children and seniors.
Fly our popular Experience Hawai'i route encompassing most of the island, then land in the beautiful lush ridgetops of the fabled Kohala region.


See the breathtaking beauty of Hawai‘i Island, plus enjoy a very special landing in the Kohala area on the Volcano Kohala Landing air adventure. After departing from the Kona International Airport, you will overfly the world-famous Kona coffee district and skirt three of Hawai‘i’s towering volcanoes: Hualālai, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Explore the area surrounding Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park to hunt out any current lava activity and see historic flows frozen in time. Then, turn your attention north to Hilo town and the lush rainforests of East Hawai‘i. Notice how the windward side of the island is transformed by the water caught by the mountains.

Then, unlike any other air adventure on the Big Island, Paradise will take you deep into Kohala. Walk the same fertile valleys that King Kamehameha the Great did as a child. Learn about the culture and the diverse natural habitat. Normally only accessible by hours of hiking, you are treated to the untouched purity of this serene location. After exploring on the ground, take to the air again to view the drastic landscape change from windward to leeward, and world-famous white-sand beaches and resorts en route back to Kona.

Flight Details 

Tour departs from

Kona Airport
Flight Time 1.75 hours*
Ground TourGround Activity 1 hour*

*Flight times are approximate, do not include check-in time, and total times may vary depending on weather conditions and where the best sights are at the time of your tour.


Kona AirportKohala


  • Narrated
  • Beaches
  • Waterfalls
  • Rainforest


  • All five volcanoes of Hawaiʻi Island
  • 2,500-foot deep valleys
  • White and black sand beaches
  • Rugged coastlines with crashing waves
  • Stunning waterfalls
  • Any current activity at Kīlauea
  • Dramatic aftermath of the 2018 lava flow
  • Lush Rainforests
  • Eleven of the planet’s 13 climate zones
  • Landing on a scenic ridge line


co-pilot seat

Co-Pilot Seat

Request a seat up front with the pilot.

Bell 407 interior

Window Seat

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Endemic trees

Carbon Offset

Green your seat by helping to plant endemic trees in Hawai'i

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Check-in at our Kona Airport 

Our Kona base is located at the commuter terminal area of the airport by Mokulele.

Self-Pay parking is available.

Check-in 45 minutes prior to departure time at our Kona base at the Kona Airport.