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Lanaʻi Island

Helicopter Tours

All Lāna'i tours are private flights

Lanaʻi Details

Lāna'i is rugged and only thirty of the four hundred miles of road there are paved. Access requires either four-wheel drive, patience, and time-- or a helicopter.

An aerial overview allows you to fully appreciate Lānaʻi's relation to Maui, Moloka’i, and Kaho'olawe. All four of these islands were once connected together as Maui Nui but became distinct islands many millennia ago as Maui Nui sunk into the Pacific. Lanaihale, Lānaʻi's highest peak and the extinct volcano which gave birth to it remains an orienting landmark, along with the mysterious landscapes of Keahiakawelo, or Garden of the Gods, the seductively secluded Polihua Beach, and Holopoe Bay.


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Lana'i ocean rocks

Circle Island Experience Tour

Explore Lānaʻi's rugged and beautiful coves, quaint Lānaʻi city, the beautifully landscaped resorts, and soak up incredible views of surrounding islands.

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Maui ocean view

Maui Nui Tour

Go on an island-hopping adventure to explore idyllic tropical towns as well as the remote and rugged wild sides of Maui, Moloka’i, and Lāna‘i by helicopter.

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Molokai cliffs

Molokai Sea Cliffs Tour

The tallest sea cliffs in the world are best seen from the air. Fly over Kalaupapa and learn about the historical significance of this naturally segregated peninsula.


Maui Farmer's Table Package 

Bring your taste buds to life with Maui's delicious bounty. Visit an organic fruit farm and enjoy local cuisine at a refined plantation restaurant.

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Sunset with a beautiful table spread of food


Lanaʻi Maui Romance  Package 

Escape to the island of Moloka’i with your sweetheart by your side. Together you'll soar through the air, gazing at the sleepy islands of Maui, Moloka’i, and Lānaʻi resting peacefully in the blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

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couple holding hands in a helicopter