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Turtle Bay: Magnum Experience


4.97 (58 reviews)

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Turtle Bay: Magnum Experience


Departs:  Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu Duration: 1hr*



Narrated, Harbor, Beach, Waterfall


Covering the island of O‘ahu from above, our Magnum Experience will show you all of the island’s highlights. See stunning views of the fabled North Shore, Pearl Harbor, Lē‘ahi (Diamond Head), Kaliuwa‘a (Sacred Falls), and more! You will even fly the same thrilling route seen in the opening sequence of Magnum, P.I., which takes you offshore above the ocean as you cruise past iconic Waikīkī. Fly with Paradise and get your moustache on by taking a flight in the only exact replica of Magnum, P.I.’s Chopper!


  • Precise MD500 Magnum PI replica helicopter!
  • Kaliuwa‘a (Sacred Falls)
  • Ka’a’awa Valley
  • Lē‘ahi (Diamond Head)
  • Waikiki Beach
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Low level flight off the shores of Waikīkī


Make your tour epic with our exclusive and signature add-ons.

Scenic Landing
Land at our exclusive, remote site.
Doors Off
Take great photos, our most popular add-on!
Carbon Offset
Helps plant trees in Hawaii.

Route Map

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Tour Notes

For answers to common questions please read our faq.
* Total flight time typically varies from 55 – 60 minutes.

Activity Level

Easy: Suitable for adults, children and seniors.


58 reviews for Turtle Bay: Magnum Experience

  1. Simon P.

    INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE – If you are going to ride in a helicopter this is the #1 PLACE IN THE WORLD!

  2. Anthony Kirby

    I realise that 5 star suggests the experience cannot be enhanced but for an avid amateur photographer it was mind spinning. Great commentary encompassing facts, legend, geological information.
    In its own way the landscape is as awesome as the Grand Canyon. Sight seeing fabulous but if you are photography bent you will need to do it again from a different seat. First time whets the appetite for more. At least that is what I have formed

  3. Andrew J.

    A fantastic flight + landing! Great way to spend my 50th Birthday in the 50th State!!

  4. McKenzie W.

    It was really amazing & everyone was incredibly helpful & experienced. Very Cool!

  5. Richard & Lisa

    Great time. Carson was very personable and knowledgeable. He made it a great experience. Leahi is very polite and helpful. She was very pleasant.

  6. Amanda O.

    It was absolutely amazing! I felt like I had a piece of heaven! Absolutely wonderful <3

  7. James & Bethany

    Such a brilliant experience! This made our honeymoon all the more special! Thank you so much!

  8. Mark W.

    It was an awesome experience. I loved being able to see things you can’t see from the ground as well as seeing historical places on the island. A remarkable experience that compares to nothing else! Josh is fantastic!

  9. John D.

    BEST DAY EVER!! Don’t miss this if you come to Turtle Bay!

  10. Scott & Angi Voumard

    Excellent experience. Pilot Mark did a great job. We chose a doors off, landing on the ridge package. The weather did not allow for the ridge landing, although Mark tried three times ( amazing piloting skill to try in the weather we had). This was by far the best experience we had on our trip to Hawaii.

  11. Donna & Kevin Monaghan

    Excellent experience!! Josh is very knowledgeable about the island. We enjoyed the ‘doors off” Magnum PI Experience and would recommend it to others interested in a seeing the island from another vantage point. Helicopters are cool ….. Note: they had everything we needed to make our trip complete: IPhone holders to secure our phones and the Ginger Candy was very much appreciated. 🙂

    Thanks for a great helicopter tour of Oahu ~ See you guys again on our next trip to Paradise.

    Donna & Kevin

  12. Leila Y.

    Leahi and Josh were amazing! I would definitely recommend this experience. Totally worth the money!

  13. Belinda

    Carson was a fantastic pilot and very informative – had a fantastic time! Would highly recommend this. Loved every minute!!

  14. Ka Lei L.

    Daniel and Josh made the entire experience completely and utterly unforgettable in the best possible way. The Oahu Magnum Experience W/ secret landing and doors-off – Highly recommended. Thank you to Josh our pilot – funny, knowledgeable, and especially good and safe pilot!

  15. John B.

    Incredible!! Very good experience & excellent pilot!

  16. Jaymie & Josh

    What an amazing afternoon! We got this flight as a wedding gift and it was perfect. Highly recommended!

  17. Crystal

    Unforgettable experience and the staff treated us like we were royalty!

  18. Michelle S.

    Doors off and landing are totally worth it. Thank you! Super fun =)

  19. Gary Shaw

    Perfect from start to finish! Ms Kanani was a great and competent hostess, very friendly! Carson’s flying and narrative was first rate!

  20. Robert (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience, especially for a Magnum P.I. fan like me!

  21. Jen N.

    I was nervous at first but this crew/team made this experience amazing! I would do this again & recommend it a million times over.

  22. Nikolas Battad (verified owner)

    Leahi & Kai were very polite, welcoming, and informative. Even as first timers we felt very comfortable and safe. Thank you!

  23. Matt & Tamara Marshall

    Incredible experience, worth every cent. Highly recommend the landing and doors off for the full experience. Kai was excellent and incredibly knowledgeable. He made all passengers feel at ease.

  24. Melanie Ravalin

    What a wonderful experience! Thank you Daniel & Chris for such a memorable morning! Paradise Helicopters – highly recommend! =)


    Absolutely breathtaking!!!. I’ve taken 3 other helicopter tours including on Kauai, New Zealand and Iceland and was surprised that this one was my favorite. You are able to see steep mountains, famous surf breaks, crystal clear waters with intricate reef ecosystems, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Waikiki, Diamond Head, the North Shore and much more all in one ride. The pilot was professional and a great guide supplying interesting information along the way.

    Frank V

  26. Timothy Cusick (verified owner)

    On a recent family vacation we booked the Magnum Helicopter experience. It was incredible! Booking it was easy, follow up and information provided was handled incredibly well, the safety briefing was helpful, and the actual flight was amazing. It was a wonderful way to see Oahu, its sights, and its beauty. My family loved the overall experience. I highly recommend Paradise Helicopters and the Magnum experience. Thank you Daniel and Josh!

  27. Michelle D.

    Great from start to finish. Helpful ground crew explained how to stay safe. Even provided ginger mints to prevent motion sickness. Our pilot Josh was amazingly smart and great explaining details as we flew. Definitely would recommend!

  28. Burl and Angie H.

    Kanani is a beautiful crew member. Lovely inside, very professional!

  29. Mike and Alisha P.

    Mike: An awesome experience & would definitely do it again.
    Alisha: Bob was amazing! Best anniversary & worth every cent.

  30. Brian K.

    Simply awesome experience. Pilot- great! Ground Crew- great! Thank you!

  31. Juliette R.

    Josh and Briana were excellent!

  32. Sarah and Mitch C.

    Awesome pilot! Awesome greeter/safety brief person! A memorable & worthwhile experience!

  33. Haley S. and Chris F.

    Always wanted to do this. Never been in a helicopter before – had a blast …so did my hair… Thank you guys for a great first time!! 🙂 Thank you so much!! The only way to tour the island.

  34. Andrew

    Great flight with brilliant commentary from Bob, loved it!

  35. West & Drew L.

    Bob made all our wishes come true. Great experience even for reluctant flyer!

  36. Jaquie H.

    Beautiful, amazing & AWESOME!

  37. Sean F.

    Flight was great. Josh provided an excellent tour. Great experience upgrading to doors off.
    Jill and Maria were very helpful booking.

  38. Mike A.

    Unbelievable flight. Pilot was awesome! Funny, knowledgeable of history and movie filmings on island. Beautiful, beautiful flight!

  39. Ana & Sofia

    Amazing experience.

  40. Brett & Tori K.

    It was great!!

  41. Brian & Jennifer C.

    Outstanding. Semper FI!

  42. Cotsen Family

    was such a thrilling experience. Everyone was so nice and make the experience so much better. Suggestion go without the doors.

  43. Charles P.

    More than five stars, Absolutely a must do. Well worth the drive from Waikiki. Kids (9&11) loved it. Do it with the doors off!

  44. Jason & Janine P.

    We booked Paradise because of the Magnum helicopter. Absolutely breathtaking, best thing we have done in Hawaii. Great experience overall.

  45. ian and janet

    awesome excellent trip

  46. Robert D.

    We booked for TC’s chopper! This was really incredible, made our vacation! If you come to Oahu and don’t do this tour you are missing the best part!

  47. Jeri and Kevin J.

    Our second time flying with Paradise. Great experience! We would love to see some island hopping tours.

  48. Hoku W.

    Best location right at Turtle Bay. Truly paradise!

  49. Danielle M. (verified owner)

    So much fun! Will do again next time 🙂

  50. Seth and Andrew

    Awesome Experience! Most bang for your buck, great reviews, and very friendly, professional staff!

  51. Troy and Rowena

    great pilot, very friendly and knowlegeable

  52. Joanne

    beautiful day

  53. Willy and Deb A.

    A couple of Magnum fans! The flight offered up everything we wanted to see. The best experience in Hawaii – and we went in a shark cage!

  54. AJ L

    I took the Oahu Experience tour, in the “Magnum Chopper”, and I could not have been more satisfied. Staff was friendly and courteous, providing ample time before and after the tour for pictures with the chopper, and the tour itself was breathtaking. We even got to fly over the “Robin Masters Estate” and take some great pictures, which was a real plus since the actual grounds aren’t viewable to the public from the street. I would highly recommend this to anybody visiting Oahu, and especially if you’re a Magnum PI fan!

  55. DawnMarie K

    I had made reservations for my daughter, granddaughters, & I to take the 20 minute Waterfall tour. Because of an error with time zone changes, I had the ride listed in my calendar for a different time. We actually missed our reservation time. The office made multiple phone calls to try and get a hold of us. When we realized what happened, we immediately walked over to the office to see what could be done to reschedule our trip. The guys were able to get us in right away. We went thru some pre-flight instructions and we were on our way. The flight was amazing and worth every penny I paid for it. Paradise Helicopters made our trip to Hawaii an amazing time. Everyone connected with the organization was amazing. It was definitely a fantastic adventure!

  56. Carolina H

    My husband and I did the doors off tour in Oahu and it was great. It was really easy to book the appointment. They make sure you are comfortable and do a little safety orientation beforehand to explain everything. Could be a little scary at times when the helicopter would make some of the sharper turns but overall it was fun.

    Make sure you REALLY tie up your hair nice and secure if you have long hair! There’s so much wind that it hurts when pieces of your hair hit your face. It also gets a little chilly up there so be sure to wear warmer clothes.

  57. Paul F

    Paradise Helicopters set up a fabulous flight for my family and me! I truly appreciate the flexibility of the team at Paradise in setting up the time for us and working with our schedule. Thank you!

    My family and I had a absolute blast. Kalei was an absolute professional as both pilot and tour guide—we thoroughly enjoyed the flight, what we saw, and what we learned from him on the tour. Without a doubt, the flight was one of the coolest things I have done in my two years in Hawaii. Flying in the Magnum PI chopper with the doors off was a particular thrill. I have already recommended to several of my friends that they charter a tour with Paradise Helicopters. Enthusiastically recommended!

  58. Terry

    Flying in the magnum chopper was unreal! Like a flying Ferrari! … with the doors off – we really got some unbelievable shots. Great time all around. Would definitely do this again.

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