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What is your seating policy?

Weight and balance of helicopters is an important part of our safety program. Seating is assigned based on weight and balance following guidelines which have been approved by the FAA. We cannot guarantee seats as the weight of guests must be balanced within the aircraft.

A seat upgrade is not a guarantee; however, if you purchase a co-pilot and/or window seat upgrades, we will do our best to seat you in your purchased location. If we cannot accommodate a seat upgrade due to weight and balance requirements for your flight (or for any other reason), we will refund your upgrade purchase at check-in.

Please note that our Capacity Surcharge policy applies to passengers weighing 265-300lbs. and our Extra Seat Policy applies to guests over 300 lbs.

To take a 360 tour of each of our helicopters, view photos and see seating arrangements of the aircraft in our fleet, visit** Our Helicopters.**

For an additional fee, you may upgrade your seat by requesting a Window Seat or a Co-Pilot Seat. The co-pilot seat is in the front part of the aircraft with the pilot. A Window Seat is any seat that is immediately adjacent to a window, or which is in the front of the aircraft and has a view out the front windshield.

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