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Oahu – A paradise from above

Jan 01, 1970

We’re happy to be featured by German travel bloggers Katharina & Henryk of Out of Office, whose mission is to inspire readers to discover the world for themselves. Find an excerpt below, or read the full article on oooyeah.de

“I was lucky to be invited by Paradise Helicopters to the Magnum Experience Tour, an one hour scenic flight over outstanding landscapes, between valleys and cliffs, above the mega city of Honolulu and along beautiful bays and beach breaks – always with the right tunes on my headset! So fasten your seat belts, lean back and enjoy the trip …

The journey begins: Incredible North Shore Known as one of the world’s most famous surf spots, Oahu’s North Shore is impressive – even in spring and summertime, the waves aren’t small. But locals told us to come back during the winter season when it´s time for real big wave surfing …

Don’t get lost: In between Honolulu´s skyscrapers A long time ago, Waikiki was the bay of kings, where surfing was born. Some hundred years later it became a modern XXL-holiday destination with tourists from all over the world. Welcome to the home of the Hula and tasty Mai Tais.

It’s gonna get rough: Flying along the Windward coast The coastal line of eastern Oahu offers amazing views of scenic mountains, deep valleys and tropicals reefs. One of the most significant bays is Hanauma, a former volcano crater, today the perfect snorkel spot with a white sandy beach. And next to it: Scenic Coco Head Crater which can be reached via an old stairway. Believe me, going up to the crater rim seems to be so easy when flying above, but it´s hard work to go there step by step!

Prepare for landing … Although you can never get enough of Oahu from above … This was really a once in a lifetime experience! Mahalo Paradise Helicopters! Mahalo Hawaii!”


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